Network MacGyver

Apr 01

Half way there! #gottacatchemall #pokemon

Half way there! #gottacatchemall #pokemon

Mar 07


Feb 27

Pokémon is coming to Netflix -

I am of course excited about this for the kids. Yes. The kids.

Jan 17

PajamaDuty: PagerDuty Alerts Right In Your PJs -

Every month at PagerDuty, we try to one up one each other during our Hack Day.

Jan 11

3 Ways Vendors Aggravate Network Engineers -

Network engineers love and loathe vendors. Vendors provide us with the shiny technical gear and fabulous nerd knobs that feed our need to tinker with new technologies. They also drive us to the brink of madness with their quirks, and for some of us, that’s a pretty short trip.

Jan 09

The Open-Office Trap -

Interesting article out of the New Yorker saying that open office spaces might be more damaging than productive.